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The DPAI journal endeavors to bring forth the ongoing National and Global events/activities & issues, directly or indirectly affecting the country's financial echo system.

It is hoped that this journal will contribute immensely in establishing a concrete link between investors, the industry, the regulators, other government bodies & entities. It will aim to provide guidance, spreading awareness for the benefit of investors, members, authorities and other intrinsic participants of our financial echo system.

This journal will prove to be a significant media and a trustworthy forum for brain-storming & bringing into limelight the issues and problems related to participants in the markets with the focus on latest trends & paving the way for smooth interaction among the participants.

The valuable articles, suggestions and ideas from experts in the field shall always be encouraged by the journal and such contributions from the expanding readership are welcome. The journal however prefers the original/genuine views and strong research based recommendations for publication to establish the sanctity of the journal.

The journal invites articles on the lines based on the guidelines attached herewith. The contributors can email address their articles to the Editor, DPAI Journal at:
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